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Maths teacher notes

Planning comprehensive lessons and interesting activities requires a lot of specific subject knowledge to ensure best practice. We have collated a wide range of resources listed below to help guide you through the process. From learning objectives and mathematical vocabulary checklists, read on to find all the information that you need to teach fulfilling maths lessons.

All lessons start with a learning objective. These maths learning objectives come complete with examples and are listed with the year groups next to each other so that you can see what the pupils would be learning before and after you have taught them.

Years 4, 5 and 6


Mental maths starters are designed to get pupils awake, switched on and ready to learn. They can look at mental arithmetic or problem solving. 

Year 4

Maths vocabulary checklist

We have complied comprehensive maths vocabulary lists for each year from Reception up to Year 6. Will you be aware of all the vocabulary needed for the topic you are teaching? 

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